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New app shows you where police chases are happening in real time so you can come over and watch

By Mason White 4:04 AM March 11, 2016
Pursuit Alert website 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A new app was launched that allows users to see the locations of police chases in real time.

The Pickens Innovation Center of South Carolina, helped develop the app that will monitor police chases in real time, and alert drivers within a 3 mile radius.

Those who are interested to watch the chase, would be able to head over to the location for a front row seat.

The Pickens Innovation Center worked to create Pursuit Alert, after 38-year-old Brent Winchester died as a result of a police chase.

Winchester was killed after the suspect being chased by police lost control of his car and slammed head on into the victim’s car.

The suspect also died in the collision.

The Pickens Innovation Center said that it hopes that the new app will help drivers steer clear of areas with active police chases.

However, some people might use the app in order to be able to watch a police chase up close.

In order for Pursuit Alert to work, the police agencies responsible for enforcing the law will have to buy special equipment for each cruiser.

Pursuit Alert will cost about $350 per police cruise, but will be free for consumers.