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Two Muslim women removed from airplane by police for staring at flight attendants

By Mason White 10:37 AM March 10, 2016
Two Muslim women (illustration) 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) People are criticizing JetBlue Airways, after flight attendants called the police to remove two Muslim women because they stared at them.

The incident, which was recorded on video and uploaded to YouTube, unfolded on Flight JB487 between Boston, Massachusetts, and Los Angeles, California, on Saturday.

A passenger on the flight reported that he heard a flight attendant tell a coworker that she did not appreciate being watched by the women during the safety briefing.

A spokesperson for JetBlue said in a statement that one of the women appeared to be recording certain flight procedures that may have presented a security problem.

As soon as the plane stopped, police officers boarded and the flight attendants showed them the two women.

Officers ordered the women to get their hand luggage before being led away for questioning. People are angry with the response of JetBlue, saying that the airline overreacted.