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Brothers burn their sister alive because she married her lover instead of her cousin

By Mason White 1:22 PM March 11, 2016
Lovers (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
Seven men were arrested on a charge of murder after allegedly burning a woman alive because she married her lover instead of her cousin, police in India said.

Rajasthan police said that 30-year-old Rama Kunwar, was burned alive in a public ceremony by her own brothers on Sunday, because they did not approve of her marriage to her lover.

One of her brothers along with six other men were charged with one count of murder. If convicted, they all face the death penalty as the crime was classified as an honor killing.

According to the police investigation, Kunwar eloped with her lover eight years ago, but returned to her hometown on Friday, in order to visit her parents, believing that they had forgiven her.

However, her family was still very angry, and her brothers dragged her out on the street and burned her alive as the public cheered them on.

She screamed for help, but no one came to her rescue.