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Convenience stores displaying cow urine next to food

By Mason White 1:17 PM March 11, 2016
Cow (illustration) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Environmental health officials in the United Kingdom, has warned owners of convenience stores to stop selling cow urine as it is not fit for human consumption.

Cow urine was found to be displayed for sale alongside food at convenience stores in London, against the advice of health officials.

The cow urine is used in religious ceremonies even though it is illegal to sell it for human consumption. The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health has warned against selling the cow urine where food was present.

All bottles were labeled that the urine must be used for religious purposes only. One store was caught displaying the bottles next to bread.

An employee of one store selling cow urine said that Hindus buy it when a baby is born, and they keep it in the house for good luck.