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Gym offers pole dancing lessons for children

By Mason White 4:30 PM March 11, 2016
Pole dancing (illustration) 

By: Tanya Malhotra
The owner of a gym that offers pole dancing as an exercise, announced that she would like to see children come to her for lessons.

Cynthia Muniz of Miami, Florida, own and operates the pole dancing studio KittyKat Pole Dancing.

She opened the gym about five years ago, and recently, Muniz saw a segment on television about children’s pole dancing in the United Kingdom.

Muniz said that she is now offering a class in her studio for children and adolescents. So far, Muniz has held one lesson for children.

Muniz emphasized that she is teaching the acrobatic side of pole dancing to girls, and it is not about high heels and sexy lingerie.

For adults, pole dancing became an accepted form of exercise in recent years. It has been shown to help coordination and flexibility, and it has the ability to relieve stress.

Muniz believes that children can get the same benefits.