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New hotel to offer sex rooms based on 50 Shades Of Grey

By Mason White 3:53 AM March 14, 2016
Bondage sex act (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
The owner of a hotel in the United Kingdom, said that he will renovate the entire building to offer guests sex rooms based on the book of 50 Shades Of Grey.

47-year-old Jon Huxley, the owner and operator of the Westward Ho! Hotel in Kent, said that he will construct sex rooms complete with sex dungeons and bondage facilities.

Recently, he has received a closure order from the council. He filed a lawsuit in court against the council, and won. The judge also ordered the council to pay damages to the hotel.

Huxley said that he plans to use the 15,000 pounds ($21,500) to transform the building into a Fifty Shades Of Grey themed hotel complete with bondage rooms, sex swings, dungeons, and orgy rooms.

Huxley also plans to offer a clothing only option for guests who rent out the entire building for parties and over weekends.

Neighbors voiced their concerns about the plans, and some said that if Huxley succeeds, they will move away from the area.