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Woman who searched for her mother for 15 years learns they have been working together for two years

By Mason White 3:31 PM March 13, 2016
Jenny Thomas and Nita Valdez 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A woman was shocked to learn that her biological mother had been working with her for two years.

40-year-old Jenny Thomas of Rochester, New York, knew that she was adopted since she was four years old.

15 years ago, she decided to start looking for her biological mother. Thomas knew that her mother was a white woman and her father was an African American.

However, when she saw a photo of her biological mother, Nita Valdez was shocked because she knew the woman. Thomas said that she worked with her biological mother 10 years ago.

The mother and daughter worked together at a Rochester hospital on a daily basis, and knew each other well, but their relationship was always a professional one, Thomas said.

The mother and daughter are now looking forward to meeting each other again, and this time, bond as a mother and daughter.