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2-year-old twin boys drown in fish pond at their home

By Mason White 4:02 PM March 14, 2016
Rhys and Shaun Scott 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A family is devastated over the loss of their children who died after drowning in a fish pond.

The tragedy occurred in Fife, Scotland. Police were called around 8:20 a.m. on Saturday, after the children were found in the fish pond outside their rented home.

2-year-old Rhys Scott and his twin brother Shaun, somehow managed to open the door and get out of their house while their parents thought they were playing inside.

Parents Mervyn Scott, 30, and Sarah Aitken, 32, went to look for the boys and found them inside the pond that was on the side of the family’s detached home.

The pond was filled with Koi fish. The Scottish Ambulance Service were called and rushed the twins to the Kirkcaldy’s Victoria Hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

Scott and Aitken are understandably devastated over the loss of the boys who they called “miracle babies.” The twins were born after the mother underwent IVF treatment. They were born 18 weeks early.

“We along with our family and friends are in shock and devastated over the tragic loss from such a freak accident,” the parents said.

“The twins have been taken from us far too early and they will be forever missed and loved,” they added.