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Police officer catches naked man having sex with a horse while patrolling park

By Mason White 3:35 AM March 15, 2016
Horses (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
A man was arrested on a charge of bestiality after allegedly being caught having sex with a horse in a park, police in Nigeria said.

Kaduna State police said that they have arrested the man, who was not identified, after being found by a police officer having sex with the horse in the Polo Ground park.

He was charged with one count of bestiality.

According to the police, on Tuesday, a police officer was patrolling the park and found an unoccupied motorcycle near some trees.

When he went to investigate, he found the suspect naked standing behind a wall and engaging in sex acts with a horse.

The officer managed to arrest the suspect without incident.
Police said that the man was not under the influence of drugs to alcohol.