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U.S. man dies in Bulgaria while adopting two boys with special needs

By Mason White 3:31 PM March 14, 2016
Eric Quesenberry 

By: Wayne Morin
A man of Pennsylvania, died while adopting two special needs boys in Bulgaria.

Eric Quesenberry and his wife Natalie went to Sofia, to adopt the boys after they watched a documentary detailing the plight of orphans in that country.

The movie, Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children, documented the lives of 75 children who had been abandoned because of their disabilities.

Natalie, who was adopted herself, was horrified over the situation of these children. She and her husband decided to help.

Eric and Natalie, who have been together since they were 17 years old, already have four children of their own as well as a niece and two nephews who they were raising as their own.

However, they decided to adopt to special needs children and give them a better life. After getting the children, the couple returned to their rented apartment.

Eric went into the bedroom and Natalie found him kneeling at the bedside a short time later. She said that she thought he was praying, but then she noticed that something was wrong.

She performed CPR before calling for help, but Eric was gone. “My husband just dropped dead. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Please pray for me,” she wrote on an adoption website.

People came to help her and some tried to discourage Natalie from taking the boys home as it would be too hard for her to care for them alone without her husband.

However, Natalie insisted on taking the children back to the United States. “I know that Eric would have wanted me to bring the boys home and trust in God. Otherwise, his death would have been for nothing,” she said.