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Husband shocked to see his dead wife alive and well on television show

By Mason White 3:52 AM March 16, 2016
Married couple (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
A man of Morocco, who was told that his wife died in a car crash, was shocked to see her alive and well on a television program that helps lonely people find their family members.

Abragh Mohamed of Azilal, thought that his wife died two years ago in a car accident.

Following the accident, the woman was taken to the Ibn Rochd hospital, where doctors determined that she probably would not survive.

Mohamed traveled from his home to the hospital to visit his injured wife, but when he arrived, doctors told him that his wife was dead.

The hospital gave him a coffin with a dead body, which he took back home for a funeral.

Last week, when Mohamed was watching a television show that helps people find their family members, he was stunned to see his wife alive and well.

She appealed to the public for help in tracking down her husband.

Mohamed quickly called the television station, and went to meet his wife who suffered from memory loss due to the accident.

It turns out that the hospital gave Mohamed a different body.