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2-year-old girl chokes to death after biting into chili pepper

By Mason White 3:32 PM March 16, 2016
Chili pepper (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
A 2-year-old girl choked to death after biting into a chili pepper, causing her to cough and aspirate fluid into her lungs, doctors in India said.

Doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences Delhi in New Delhi, said that the girl was initially revived, but died within 24 hours.

According to investigators, the girl took a bite out of the red chili pepper. She then began to cough and vomit. She fell unconscious and brought to the hospital.

The medical examiner said that the girl’s death was caused by gastric fluids getting into the respiratory tract as she vomited several times.

Dr. Chittaranjan Behera, said that normally the body protects itself by the act of coughing, but in the case of children, it is possible that the cough reflex is either undeveloped or inactive due to unconsciousness, leading to death.

The condition is also common among alcoholics.