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German woman shot dead at wedding after refusing to marry her cousin

By Mason White 6:16 PM March 16, 2016
Shilan and Sefin (insert) 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A father is angry after his brother’s family killed his daughter because she refused to marry their daughter.

The father of Germany, who was identified as Ghazi H., 50, posted photos to Facebook, showing his daughter lying on the ground in a pool of blood while wearing her wedding dress.

He said that his 21-year-old daughter Shilan, was shot while attending a wedding after rejecting the arranged marriage to her cousin. “She paid for it with her life during a wedding ceremony in Hanover,” he said.

Police are now looking for the cousin who wanted to marry Shilan.

Ghazi said that while he went to Iraq for a business project, his two brothers, Numan H. and Hassan H., tried to arrange a forced marriage between his daughter and her cousin Sefin, 22.

They made the engagement and began preparing for the wedding, but when her father came home, Shilan begged him to call off the engagement.

“She begged me to do something and I canceled the engagement,” the heartbroken father said. However, his family did not take it lightly and decided to kill the young woman.

Ghazi said that his family had fled Iraq to Germany, when Shilan was just 3-years-old. He said that she had grown up as a self-confident woman. She held German citizenship and she was in university, where she was studying property management.