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Judge sends sexual messages and naked photos of himself to woman during hearings

By Mason White 12:01 PM March 16, 2016
Judge Joel Baker 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A judge in Texas, is being investigated after allegedly sending sexually explicit messages and naked photos to a woman during hearings.

Smith County Judge Joel Baker served as chief judge and vice chair on the State Commission for Judicial Conduct.

The woman, who was not identified, contacted a private investigator and together they collected all the evidence against the judge.

The judge sent more than a thousand sexually explicit messages to the woman on Facebook. Baker first sent the woman a friend request on Facebook last year.

She never met the judge and did not know him. In the first message sent by Baker, he told the woman that he would love to drink a glass of wine with her.

The time stamps of the Facebook messages prove that the judge messaged the woman during hearings. In addition to the sexually explicit messages, the woman received nude photos of Baker.

The woman admits that she consented to the sexual conversations and requested photos. She even sent the judge some explicit photos of herself.

Baker denied that he wants to have a relationship with the woman. Baker said that he was trying to meet the woman to find out why she was trying to destroy his family.

The judge also denied sending any explicit video or photos.

Last week, Baker has resigned from his position at the State Commission for Judicial Conduct.