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Police officer causes outrage after he is seen pepper-spraying passing motorcyclists

By Mason White 10:42 AM March 16, 2016
Officer W. Figueroa spraying at bikers 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A police officer in Texas, has caused outrage after he was caught on video placing the lives of many motorcyclists in danger.

The police officer was standing on the side of the road when he was recorded pepper-spraying a group of motorcyclist while they were passing him.

The video of the incident, which went viral on the Internet, was recorded along U.S. 287 in Fort Worth. The officer was seen standing on the shoulder of the road with a vehicle in front of him.

It seemed as though the officer was tending to the truck that he pulled over, but instead, he sprayed passing motorcyclists with pepper spray.

The police department confirmed that it is investigating the incident. The police officer was identified as W. Figueroa, who is a six-year veteran with the department.

He was removed from patrol duty, pending the outcome of the investigation.

Chase Stone, who recorded the video, posted it to Facebook, where he wrote: “During the big ride today, we had a law enforcement officer who looked as if he was pulling over a truck. He stepped out of his vehicle with mace in his hand and began spraying it towards the riders with intention of causing an accident!

“This is a video everyone needs to watch. Law enforcement is here to protect and serve, not intentionally try to harm others. Please, share this video with others to raise awareness about these particular behaviors being displayed by many of our law enforcement employees. This was beyond dangerous.”

Police confirmed that they have confiscated the officer’s body camera and the dash cam from his patrol car. The officer may face criminal charges.