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Woman left covered in human waste after her toilet explodes while relieving herself

By Mason White 11:59 AM March 16, 2016
Toilet (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A woman filed a lawsuit against the city Baltimore, Maryland, after her toilet exploded while she was relieving herself, according to court documents.

Angela Wright said that she suffered physically and emotionally from the incident after being left covered in human waste.

Her attorney wants at least $250,000 from the mayor, city council and two companies after the city carried out repairs outside her home, causing the sewer to get backed up.

According to the lawsuit, Heitkamp and Spinello used power hoses to clean the sewer system outside the woman’s home when the toilet exploded.

Wright said that she was thrown off the toilet and her bathroom suffered $14,000 in damages. She also had to pay $3,300 for medical bills as a result of the explosion.

Wright also said that this wasn’t the first time that this happened. Two years ago, her toilet exploded when the sewer system was being cleaned. Fortunately, she wasn’t in the toilet at the time.