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Restless Kanye West ditches Uber and gets ride from paparazzi

By Mason White 10:02 AM March 17, 2016
Kanye West 

By: Chan Yuan
Kanye West took advantage of the paparazzi by using them as free transportation when it took long for an Uber driver to show up.

West was at a gym in California, where his wife Kim Kardashian was working out.

West decided to go to another gym. He called an Uber driver to take him there, so his wife can have the car when she is done working out.

When the paparazzi who are always after the famous couple saw that Kanye was stranded, they took the opportunity to interview him.

They soon realized that West was waiting for an Uber driver to arrive, but it was taking too long for his liking.

The paparazzi offered West a ride, and to their amazement, he accepted. While in the vehicle, West asked the cameraman to
stop recording him because he needed to make a call, and they agreed.

After dropping him off, the paparazzi managed to record West meeting celebrity trainer Harley in Santa Monica.