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Surgeon accidentally gives man vasectomy after nurse wheeled wrong patient into operating room

By Mason White 2:56 PM March 17, 2016
Operating room (illustration) 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A surgeon in the United Kingdom, was charged with four counts of misconduct after carrying out a vasectomy on the wrong patient.

Now, a tribunal will decide if Dr. Nanikram Vaswani of Manchester, is allowed to keep his medical license after pleading guilty to four counts of misconduct.

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service heard that the mistake occurred after a nurse wheeled in the wrong patient into the operating room and the surgeon failed to make sure that he is performing the procedure on the correct patient.

Nurse Rosemary Tollitt is also facing charges of misconduct for failing to verify the patient’s identity or tell colleagues that she made changes in surgery list.

The patient was left physically and emotionally traumatized after the procedure.

The tribunal heard that had the nurse checked the patient’s consent form it would have become apparent that he needed a different procedure.

However, Vaswani as the attending physician, had overall responsibility for what was happening in the operating room.

Vaswani admitted to not confirming the identity of the patient, not reviewing the patient’s medical notes and not following surgical check lists.

He also admitted to failing to notify the hospital after realizing his mistake, and he did not keep a record of his conversations with the patient.