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Police run after and Taser female janitor in uniform after mistaking her for thief

By Mason White 11:54 AM March 20, 2016
Juana Raymundo 

By: Feng Qian
Police in Tennessee have arrested and charged a cleaning lady after mistaking her for a thief.

36-year-old Juana Raymundo, who is in the country on a work visa, was working at a middle school in Collegedale, when police confronted her.

Police said that officers entered the school building after seeing an open door because the school has been burglarized before.

Officers wrote in the police report that they saw cleaning supplies before entering the bathroom. Officers then spotted Raymundo, who was wearing her company’s uniform that identified her as a cleaner.

However, when officers asked her numerous times to identify herself, Raymundo, who does not speak English, kept saying “no.”

She then ran down the hall. Police chased her through the school and across the parking lot.

Officers allegedly yelled at her to stop in both English and Spanish. When she didn’t stop, an officer used a Taser on her.

Raymundo was arrested and charged with evading arrest. She was released after posting $750 bond.