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Starbucks slapped with lawsuit for underfilling its lattes by at least 25 percent

By Mason White 3:58 AM March 21, 2016
Starbucks drink 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) Starbucks was slapped with lawsuit after customers realized that the coffee chain regularly underfills lattes by at least 25 percent, according to court documents in California.

Benjamin Robles and Sierra Strumlauf, both of San Francisco, have filed a class action lawsuit, claiming that the coffee chain based in Seattle, Washington, is not filling their lattes.

According to the lawsuit, Starbucks makes their lattes using a standardized recipe that was instituted several years ago in order to save on the cost of milk, which is one of the most expensive ingredients.

Starbucks lattes are uniformly underfilled, the two plaintiffs claimed. All of the lattes, including the 12, 16, and 20-ounce cups are underfilled by about 25 percent.

The two plaintiffs said that the milk foam added to the top of the lattes cannot account for the volume of the drinks. The plaintiffs want the court to force Starbucks to stop defrauding its customers.

Starbucks denied the allegations, saying that the cups are filled to the top.