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Teen who got angry at roommate stabs her washing machine

By Mason White 6:53 PM March 20, 2016
Washing machine (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
A teen was charged with criminal mischief after getting angry at her roommate and stabbing her washing machine, police in New York said.

Sandy Creek police said that they have charged 19-year-old Jillian M. Trumble, after being accused of kicking her roommates washing machine before pulling the knife.

Trumble has been charged with one count of criminal mischief and was given a ticket.

According to the police, officers were called to Trumble’s home located at 1877 Harwood Drive, on a report of a domestic dispute.

Police officers who arrived at the scene on Saturday, found a damaged washing machine with numerous dents. Officers also saw a broken knife under the washing machine while the other part was lying next to it.

The washing machine was not totally destroyed and it could be repaired, police said.