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Woman who became addicted to sponge and foam eats sponge from her chairs and couches

By Mason White 3:56 AM March 21, 2016
Sponges (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A woman in the United Kingdom, who became addicted to sponge and foam when she was pregnant, eats foam and sponge from items in her house.

28-year-old Vicky Cullen of Wakefield, claims to have consumed 2,000 sponged since she developed a craving for it.

The obsession began when she was five months pregnant with her daughter Olivia, who is not 5 years old. Cullen has been diagnosed with pica, an eating disorder that causes people to eat non-edible substances.

Cullen told her family and friends about her condition so they know to hide all foams and sponges when she comes to visit them.

Cullen snacks on sponge from a big chair in her living room. She plucks out pieces of sponge and tops them with jam or Nutella before consuming the treats.

She also once ate the foam of her padded bra.

When she was pregnant with her daughter, she was sitting on a chair and watching television one night, and began plucking sponge from a hole.

Before she knew it, she was chewing the piece of foam like gum and enjoyed the feeling. The next day, she felt the same impulse, and I took another small piece from the chair.

Days later, while washing the dishes, she ate a piece of the dish sponge. She has not experiencing any discomfort since developing the strange habit.

She also likes the taste of foam, and she eats pieces mixed with Nutella, jam, honey and peanut butter. Cullen tried to quit, but she could not control her cravings.