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Father hires man to impersonate his dead son to keep elderly grandmother from knowing he is no longer alive

By Mason White 3:34 PM March 21, 2016
Wang Feng with the grandmother 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A father hired a man to impersonate his deceased son so that his elderly mother does not learn of his death.

Huang Ge died of muscular dystrophy, but his father, Huang Xiaodong, did not want to inform his mother of the death to spare her the anguish.

Since her vision and hearing are no longer good due to her age, Xiaodong hired a man to impersonate his son during a visit with the elderly woman.

Xiaoyong began searching for a man who resembled his deceased son. He found Wang Feng, who was willing to impersonate his son.

Xinhua said that he was looking for a man between the age of 25 and 28, about 5 foot five inches tall, who weighs about 120 pounds. Feng was a perfect fit.

Wang learned how the deceased used to sit in his wheelchair and how he walked with a crutch. He was also brought to the bedroom and the tomb of the son in order to prepare him for the role.

Wang said that on the day he was going to meet “his grandmother,” his wife cut his beard to make him look presentable.

Xiaoyong said that his mother was very happy to see the man and she did not realize that it was not her grandson.

Wang said that he felt good about helping the family to avoid causing distress to the elderly woman, and he plans to keep in touch with her to bring her as much happiness as possible.