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Man dressed as woman forced to perform sex acts on men at gunpoint while male friend watched

By Mason White 5:49 PM March 22, 2016
Octaveous Merritt dressed as a woman 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A young man was raped by two men while his friend watched and did nothing to help.

Octaveous Merritt of Georgia, is known by his name Livian, and he often dresses as a woman.

Merritt made plans to go out with his friend, Deion White, who he said knew that he was born male. According to Merritt, White accepted him for who he is.

On Sunday night, the two men when out to eat, and White invited three of his friends to join them. During the night, Merritt, who was dressed as a woman, said he was surrounded by the 3 men who were demanding he perform a sex act on them.

When Merritt refused and the men learned that he was born a man, they brutally beat him. One of them pulled out a gun and said he would kill him if he did not perform the sex acts.

While he was forced to do things against his will, White did nothing to stop the attack.

When Merritt finally got away, he went to a hospital,where he was treated for a fractured jaw and eye socket, and a punctured and collapsed lung.

So far, White is the only one who was arrested, and he was charged with battery. Police are still investigating the incident.