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People flee in panic after vibrating sex toy in garbage bin was mistaken for bomb

By Mason White 3:30 AM March 23, 2016
Garbage bin (illustration) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
People fled in panic after hearing vibrating sounds coming from inside a garbage bin and believing that a bomb is about to explode, police in Italy said.

Modena police said that residents fled in panic and called firefighters after believing that terrorists hid a bomb in the garbage bin in Wednesday night.

Firefighters rushed to the scene, and an area of 200 meters was cordoned off.

A special unit inspected the garbage bin and they soon realized that the device was not a bomb. After being thoroughly checked, the device was identified as a sex toy.

The owner of the toy threw it away with the batteries inside and it began vibrating in the garbage bin, promoting the bomb scare.