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Young woman infects numerous men with HIV because man raped her and gave her HIV

By Mason White 3:28 AM March 23, 2016
Woman sitting on steps (illustration) 

By: Tanya Malhotra
Police launched an investigation after a woman bragged that she is infecting men with HIV because she was once raped by a man, police in Nigeria said.

Lagos police said that the woman recently confessed on Facebook, to infecting at least six men with HIV.

She vowed to seek out more men and infect them with the deadly virus because she was once raped by a man who carried HIV.

According to Facebook messages exchanged with the latest victim, the woman, who was not identified, said that she is on the social media platform for the sole purpose of getting to have sex with men and infect the with HIV.

After asking her latest victim for money for an abortion, the woman dropped the bombshell news that she is HIV positive.

She advised him to start treatment as soon as possible if he doesn’t want to die. Police warned men to stay away from women who offer to have sex with them.