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Mother spends over $50,000 on surgery to look like her daughter

By Mason White 11:10 AM March 23, 2016
Janet Horrocks and Jane Cunliffe 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A woman of the United Kingdom, seems to be jealous of her daughter and she wants to look just like her.

57-year-old Janet Horrocks of Burnley, England, is on a mission to not only look younger, but to look like her daughter.

She and her daughter look very similar and they said that they are often mistaken for sisters.

35-year-old Jane Cunliffe said that she hates the fact that her mother wants to look like her. She wants a mother not a twin.

Cunliffe said that she made it clear to her mother that she does not like her obsession, “but my mother does not take my feelings into consideration.”

However, she said that her mother is stubborn and she will continue her quest to look like her daughter via surgery.

So far, Horrocks spent about $56,000 on beauty treatments. She had two breast implants, nose job, eye lift, veneers, Botox and fillers.

She also lost about 30 pounds, got hair extensions, laser resurfacing to her face, and eyebrow tattooing in her quest to look like her only daughter.

Even though Cunliffe does not approve of her mother looking like her, she has accepted her because she knows her mother will not change. The two now dress alike when they go out.