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BBC journalist named Foot removes piece of his thigh to find out how human flesh tastes

By Mason White 9:57 AM March 24, 2016
Gregg Foot tasting the burger 

By: Wayne Morin
A BBC journalist of the United Kingdom, asked doctors to remove a piece of his thigh so he can learn how it tastes.

BBC journalist Gregg Foot, was determined to learn how humans taste if they were cooked like animals.

Because eating human meat, including your own, is illegal, Foot asked scientists to cook his flesh so he can smell it and recreate the taste of human meat.

Scientists studied the cooked sample and revealed that it contains similar muscle fibers to those found in both chicken breast and some cuts of beef.

It was then cooked, and scientists analyzed the smell, which they said is a big part of taste. They determined that human meat tastes somewhere between pork and lamb.

Foot then made a replica burger using lamb and pork, and he liked it.