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Bride breaks both wrists during bachelorette party in twerking accident

By Mason White 12:56 PM March 24, 2016
Elin Russell-Hughes getting married with her casts 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A fun weekend with friends turned into a nightmare for this bride.

Elin Russell-Hughes, 33, of the United Kingdom, was set to marry her fiance, Gareth Wyn Williams, 45, in New York.

Several of her friends who were unable to fly to her wedding, threw her a huge bachelorette party. They were supposed to be out and have fun over the weekend.

However, while twerking on the first night, Russell-Hughes got injured. She had broken bones and needed a cast on both hands.

Russell-Hughes said: “After a good cry over a bottle of gin and the initial panic that I wouldn’t be able to fly, I decided that a couple of broken bones weren’t going to stop me.”

Russell-Hughes, who works in the fashion industry, bought a white cover for her cast to match it to her wedding gown.

“We had a wonderful time in New York, including on my wedding day and for our nights out on Broadway. I felt great and perfectly co-ordinated, but I won’t be twerking again soon,” Russell-Hughes said.