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Police find 300 live bugs inside package after postal workers saw the parcel moving around

By Mason White 3:35 AM March 25, 2016
Bugs (illustration) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Police were called to a post office in Sweden, after postal workers saw a parcel moving on its own.

Workers at the post office in Svenstavik, called police after realizing something alive must be inside the parcel.

Police officers who responded to the scene, examined the package and they determined that the package contained 300 bugs.

The 300 cockroaches were crawling all over one another within the package, which was equipped with special air holes to allow them to breathe.

Police launched an investigation, and located the intended recipient of the package. After questioning the man, police determined that the bugs were ordered to feed snakes.

Police released the package after making sure that the bugs were not shipped into the country from abroad.