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Hot-looking woman wraps her feces and places it in her purse during date after man’s toilet did not flush

By Mason White 10:01 AM March 24, 2016

By: Chan Yuan
A woman of Canada, went on social media to share her horrific story after using a man’s bathroom during her date.

The woman who identified herself as Makala from Toronto and goes by the Twitter name Blotty, said that she was invited for a date to a man’s home.

During the date, Makala said that she needed to use the bathroom, but it turned into a nightmare when the toilet did not work properly.

Makala wrote about her embarrassing situation on Twitter, and she shared a photo of her conversation with her sister while trying to figure out how to save herself from being humiliated.

“I am a confident, calm and self-assured woman so I felt comfortable using his bathroom,” she wrote.

However, she said that she soon found “this was a mistake” because his toilet didn’t flush properly.

“I panicked, and flushed it a million times, making it worse,” she said. When she realized that she has been in the toilet for too long, she became frantic.

There was one single piece that refused to go down. “So in that moment, something came over me,” she wrote.

Makala said she took toilet paper and wrapped the feces in a few layers and placed it into her purse.

When she came out, she was scared that the poop will smell or fall out of her purse. She wrote to her sister and asked what to do.

She told her sister: “He’s in love with me, but I can never face him again.” Her sister advised her to go outside and pretend to be smoking, and discard the waste.

Makala said that before they went outside, the man went to use the bathroom and she heard him flush. She realized that he must have fixed the toilet.

She then took her purse into the bathroom and flushed the feces. The Twitter posts went viral and was shared many times.