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Squirrel climbs onto tree and eats large slice of pizza

By Mason White 5:51 PM March 27, 2016
Squirrel eating pizza while sitting on a tree 

By: Chan Yuan
A squirrel in Chicago, Illinois, was seen sitting on a tree while enjoying a large slice of pizza that it found in the garbage, according to photos uploaded on the Internet.

Melissa McEwen published the photos, saying that they were taken by her friend Andrew Goodman.

The squirrel enjoyed a slice of pepperoni pizza while comfortably sitting in the tree. Surprisingly, the squirrel has chosen a New York style thin slice pizza rather than the traditional Chicago deep dish.

Several months ago, a rat was seen dragging along an abandoned slice of pizza, according to a video uploaded to the Internet.

The video that was uploaded to YouTube by Matt Little, shows the determined rat dragging the whole slice of pizza down the train station stairs in Manhattan.

The rat, which almost reached the bottom of the stairs with the pizza, dropped it and hid after realizing that it was being followed.

The video went viral, and has been viewed nearly 8 million times.