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Mother takes her newborn baby’s ashes to Disney World and gets warm welcome

By Mason White 9:14 AM March 28, 2016
Janice Murphy with her purple bear 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A woman of Florida, expressed her appreciation to employees at Disney World, for welcoming her deceased baby.

It was an emotional moment for Janice Murphy, when the Fairy Godmother at Disney World embraced the purple teddy bear she was carrying around.

That teddy bear is not just any old stuffed animal. It means so much to Murphy and her husband Stefan.

That bear contains the ashes of their daughter Analiese. The baby was born with a deformity, and she lived only 85 minutes after birth.

Janice was devastated over the loss of her daughter. She placed her daughter’s ashes into a purple teddy bear and took it to Disney World.

There, the Fairy Godmother embraced the bear as if it was Analiese.

Janice wrote an open letter to the Fairy Godmother, saying in part:

“Despite your utter lack of knowledge, you included the bear in our interaction. And when you found out that my daughter died and that her ashes are within the bear, you treated her the same way you treat every child that comes to see you every single day, with love, compassion and kindness. When you hugged her and kissed her cheek, you made me feel like Analiese mattered to you.”

Janice writes a blog called: “Learning how to be a mommy to an angel.”