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Hundreds of runners bite into bars of soap after mistaking them for energy bars

By Mason White 2:45 AM March 29, 2016
Soap mistaken for energy bar 

By: Chan Yuan
Runners who completed a marathon in China, were left with a bitter taste in their mouths after mistaking bars of soap for energy bars.

On Sunday, around 20,000 runners participated in the annual marathon of Qingyuan.

After crossing the finish line, the runners received a gift package. Hoping to bite into what they thought were energy bars, the runners bit into fruit scented bars of soap.

According to witnesses at the scene, many bars of soap were dumped on the side of the road. All the bars had a piece missing.

The mix up happened because the packaging was written in English, which many runners did not understand. The packages were similar to energy bars.

The organizers of the race were quick to apologize, saying that the soap packages did look similar to food packages. A total of 12,200 runners received medical treatment or assistance during and after the race.

It is unclear how many injuries were the result of the soap incident.