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Court grants overweight man divorce because his wife called him ‘fat elephant’

By Mason White 1:27 PM March 29, 2016
Elephant (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
A man asked a court in India, to grant him a divorce because his wife mocked him due to his weight.

The court in Delhi, has ruled that calling a husband names and teasing him because of his size could be grounds for divorce because it is destructive to the matrimonial bond.

The Delhi High Court upheld a lower court’s order, which granted the divorce for the husband, saying that mocking a spouse amounts to mental cruelty.

The 35-year-old businessman, who weighs 220 pounds, told the court that his wife regularly humiliated him for being overweight and she claimed that he was unable to satisfy her sexual desires due his weight.

The woman often called her husband “Mota Hathi,” which means fat elephant, the court heard.

“Calling someone names and hurling of abuses, even if he is overweight, is bound to hurt his self-esteem,” Justice Vipin Sanghi said.

“Obviously, the defendant was sensitive to this kind of taunts,” he added.

The woman’s attorney said that the husband’s allegations were “vague and not specific,” but the court rejected her argument and the couple is now divorced.