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Restaurant gives free giant two foot long sausage rolls for those who can eat them in less than 5 minutes

By Mason White 4:52 AM March 1, 2016
Two foot long sandwich (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
Hungry consumers are flocking to a restaurant in the United Kingdom, after they announced a promotion to give away giant sausage rolls.

The County Arms pub in London, is giving away the sausages that measure two feet long on the condition that they are eaten in less than five minutes.

Those who are too full to finish their rolls, have to pay 10 pounds ($14). The small minority of diners who complete the challenge, get the meal for free as well as a free shirt.

An employee of the restaurants, Chloe Tyrrell, said that a lot of people have tried the challenge and about half fail. Tyrrell revealed that the restaurant makes these long sandwiches every day.

If nobody takes on the challenge, the rolls are divided up to five portions each and are sold as regular rolls. The record so far, is 1 minute and 49 seconds.

A sign in the restaurant outlines the rules for the challenge.

Diners are required to purchase the two foot long roll. If the diner completes the entire roll in less than 5 minutes, they get it for free, but only one person can eat from the roll.

Each roll contains 255 grams of fat and 3,600 calories.