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Woman swims four hours to catch cruise ship believing her husband was on board

By Mason White 3:19 PM March 29, 2016
Cruise ship (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
A woman jumped into the sea and attempted to catch up with a cruise ship because she believed that her husband had boarded without her.

Police in Portugal, said that Susan Brown, 65, of the United Kingdom, was rescued from the sea after she was heard screaming for help.

Brown was taken to the hospital after she was found to be in a confused state and with advanced hypothermia.

The police investigation determined that the woman has been swimming for four hours before being rescued by fishermen.

Brown told police that she wanted to get to the cruise ship because her husband had boarded without her.

Felix Marques, who is the harbor captain at the Funchal port in the Madeira Islands, said that Brown and her husband had been traveling on the cruise ship, but they had decided to cut their trip short.

He said that the couple bought plane tickets to fly home to Bristol, during their stop-over in Madeira.

Police said that on her way to the airport, Brown, who was not with her husband at the time, became confused and tried to get back on the ship, which was already at sea.

Investigators confirmed that the couple bought tickets to return home and that the husband, Michael, was already on his way to England.

“We confirmed that Mr. Brown had booked tickets to go back to Bristol on Saturday night. Susan Brown must have got a little lost and when she was close to the airport, she saw the cruise ship at a distance and threw herself into the sea, trying to reach it,” police said.

“She had a little bag with her documents inside. I think it was impulsive to try to swim to the boat, but she was upset and desperate,” police added.