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Teacher strips naked and tries to rape female student outside school in front of other students

By Mason White 8:21 AM March 30, 2016
The teacher holding the girl to the wall 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A teacher in China, left students in shock when he stripped naked and grabbed a female student in an attempt to rape her.

The incident occurred at the Taiping High School in Lingshan, in broad daylight. The science teacher was identified as Mr. Huo.

Photos of the incident show the naked man grabbing the girl from behind and pushing her against a wall while other teachers and students were around.

The other teachers came to the girl’s aid and freed her from Huo’s grip.

School officials issued a statement confirming the incident. They said that Huo has a history of mental illness and works in the school laboratory.

According to the statement, the professor had been treated in 2011 for psychotic episodes, but after two years, he was declared fit to return to work.

The school chose to base Huo in the laboratory, and said he would not be allowed to teach in a classroom. Over the past few years, he performed well on the job, the school said.

After the incident, the school immediately called the police and the man’s family. He was taken to a hospital for treatment.

According to school officials, the student was not hurt in the incident. The city’s Public Security Bureau said it is investigating the incident.

Photos of the naked teacher grabbing the student were uploaded to the Internet, where it went viral.