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Men’s hair salon refuses to cut man’s hair because he was born a woman

By Mason White 3:07 AM March 31, 2016
Rose Trevis (right) 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A hair salon in California, was slapped with a lawsuit after it refused to cut a man’s hair because he was born a woman, according to court documents.

Rose Trevis of Long Beach, said that he decided to file the lawsuit after Hawleywoods barbershop told him that they do not cut women’s hair.

Trevis is currently a man, but he was born a woman. It is illegal to discriminate based on gender in the state.

According to the lawsuit, in the beginning of the month, Trevis and his domestic partner Laura Lozano, were walking in Long Beach, when Trevis decided to get a haircut at the barber shop.

They entered Hawleywood’s Barber Shop and Trevis asked a barber there for a haircut. The barber stated that Hawleywood’s only provided services to customers who had appointments.

Trevis then asked for an appointment time and asked if there were any available that day. The barber then stared at Rose as if he was examining her appearance and stated “We don’t cut women’s hair.”

Trevis was surprised by the barber’s response and replied: “Who says I am a woman?” The barber replied: “Like I said, we don’t cut women’s hair.”