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Man kidnaps his friend’s 15-month-old daughter from crib before raping and killing her

By Mason White 3:32 PM March 30, 2016
Kyle Parker 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A family is horrified over the sudden and violent death of a young girl.

22-year-old Kyle Parker of Indiana, allegedly confessed to his stepfather that he acted alone when he kidnapped his friend’s daughter.

Parker was a close friend with the father of 15-month-old Shaylyn Ammerman. Her family said that they trusted him around their daughter and he even rocked her to sleep on occasions.

However, on the fateful night, Parker had been drinking with the girl’s family members and when they went to sleep, he took the girl out of her crib and placed her in his car.

He allegedly told his stepfather that he raped the toddler and then smothered her before pouring bleach on both of their bodies in order try to destroy DNA evidence.

An autopsy found that Ammerman suffered severe sexual trauma and she died of asphyxiation as she was beaten, raped and smothered.

A forensic pathologist said this was the “worst case of sexual trauma she had seen in her career.”