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Woman uses razor blade to cut open dead relative’s stomach to try to save unborn twins after hospital refused to help

By Mason White 9:38 AM March 31, 2016
The victim and her family 

By: Wayne Morin
People in Cameroon, are outraged after a video was released, showing a family member cutting a woman’s stomach in an attempt to save her babies.

The incident began when 31-year-old Monique Koumateke, was rushed to a hospital by family members after she became ill.

Koumateke was in her ninth month of pregnancy. However, when she arrived at the hospital, she was already dead.

The midwife and nurses on duty at the Douala’s Laquintini Hospital, refused to help the woman, saying that she was dead and she needed to be handed over to the people at the mortuary.

“The mortuary attendant came, examined her and said that the babies were still kicking inside the stomach,” Koumateke’s mother, Marie Sen, said.

They begged the midwife and nursed to save the babies, but they refused to help. In a desperate attempt to save the babies, a family member took a razor blade and cut Koumateke’s stomach open.

One baby was no longer alive when delivered. However, witnesses said that the second baby was still alive when it was removed, but died shortly afterwards.

Police arrested the midwife and nurses, and they are investigating the incident.

After the arrests, Health Minister Andre Mama Fouda caused more anger by saying that the staff at the state-run institution had done nothing wrong.

Judge Ayah Paul Abine went on Facebook, to vent his frustration over the incident. He is demanding that Fouda, hold a press conference “in order to provide satisfactory answers to our questions.”

Koumateke left behind two children who are three and 5 years old.

The video of the deceased woman’s stomach being cut open with a razor blade was posted to the Internet, where it went viral