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Goat rescued after being found hanging from electric wire by its horns

By Mason White 9:20 AM March 31, 2016
The goat hanging 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) People were shocked to find a goat dangling from electric wires.

A group of men in Greece, decided to rescue the goat using their work ladder.

The team used a long ladder to help the goat that somehow got stuck in some wire and was hanging about 20 feet above the ground.

The goat was hanging by its curly horns, which had been caught in the wire, and although goats like to climb, people are not quite sure how it ended up hanging there.

The animal was hanging on the pole on a steep hill. One man climbed the hill, tied a rope to the animal’s legs and attempted to pull it to safety.

The rest of the group attempted to use the ladder to push the animal upwards so it can reach the ground.

Meanwhile, two other men climbed the steep rock wall so they could help their colleague. The men were finally successful and managed to free the animal.

The goat then ran down the hill and walked onto a road before it disappeared. Giannis Goulas uploaded video of the rescue to Facebook, where it went viral.

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diaswsei gidiou apo kalodia tis deh to sunergio tis deyat dhmou tempwn ta evgala isperasPosted by Giannis Goulas on Wednesday, March 23, 2016