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Hospital flushes dead baby down toilet as mother demands body for burial

By Mason White 11:49 AM March 31, 2016
Baby (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A woman of Florida, filed a lawsuit against a hospital after a worker allegedly flushed her dead baby down a toilet despite the fact that she wanted the body for burial, according to court documents.

Linda Gomez of Palm Beach, said that the Wellington Regional Medical Center ignored her when she asked for the body of her dead child.

Gomez wanted to bury the body according to her religious beliefs.

According to the lawsuit, Gomez is seeking an unspecified amount for damages after going the hospital because she was experiencing bleeding.

When she went to the bathroom while waiting to see a doctor, she had a miscarriage. After being unable to get help, she cut the umbilical cord herself.

A hospital worker who went into the bathroom, flushed the toilet and told Gomez to return to the waiting room. Gomez said that she watched in horror as her baby, born four months prematurely, disappeared.

Gomez then asked the hospital to recover the child so that she could give the baby a funeral, but her request was denied.