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Woman in high heels caught relieving herself into river

By Mason White 4:33 PM March 31, 2016
The woman 

By: Feng Qian
A woman of the United Kingdom, was seen relieving herself into a river in broad daylight.

Arijus Dukstas, 20, who works as an event manager, spotted the unnamed woman with her pants pulled down to her knees and her bottom exposed.

The woman held onto the railings at the river in Newcastle near the Millennium Bridge. The incident took place around 6:00 p.m.

Dukstas said that the young woman in high heels “really needed to go and just went for it in the river.”

The woman, who has red hair, was wearing white tight pants, a white short top and black high heels. She was squatting over the railings in full view of passersby and her friends.

“Her friends were just shouting and laughing at her. There was six of them. One of her friends was taking a video of her in action,” Dukstas said.

Dukstas took a photo of the woman’s act and uploaded it to Facebook, where it received over 2,000 likes.