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Man found with 1,400 bags of heroin in condoms hidden inside his rectum

By Mason White 10:05 AM April 1, 2016
Fernando Estrella 

By: Chan Yuan
Police in New York, arrested a man who was caught with drugs in his rectum.

Police said that 41-year-old Fernando Estrella, was arrested about 1:00 a.m. on Tuesday in St. Albans, for speeding through a stop sign as he was driving a gray Chevy minivan.

A drug-sniffing police dog alerted police to the driver’s seat. However, officers only found a needle, but no drugs.

Estrella was arrested and taken to a hospital, where a search of his body discovered three condoms filled with heroin, which equaled to 1,428 bags.

Police said that Estrella admitted that the bags were bought in New York, and were supposed to be sold in Vermont.

Estrella was charged with felony heroin possession and heroin trafficking among other charges. He also violated the terms of his probation.