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Son drives with father and brother clinging to hood of car as they try to apologize to him for arguing

By Mason White 9:52 AM April 1, 2016
The two men on the hood of the car 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A family argument turned dangerous when a son drove off with his father and brother clinging to his car.

Police were called after a man was seen driving with two people clinging to the hood of a car in China.

Police put road blocks, and were able to stop the driver and rescue his victims.

Police arrested the son after he was driving through the city of Dongyang, Zhejiang. The father told police that family members got into an argument with his son, who was in his car.

Apparently, they underestimated just how angry he was. When he began to drive off, the father and brother got on top of the car to stop him.

According to police, the two said that they were determined to apologize to the driver for what they said during the argument, but the driver did not want to hear them out and he drove off.