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Doctors bury injured man’s hand inside abdomen to shield it from infection and amputation

By Mason White 2:50 PM April 3, 2016
Carlos Mariotti 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man in Brazil, who suffered a horrific injury during work, had his hand buried in his abdomen in order to shield it from infection, doctors said.

42-year-old Carlos Mariotti of Orleans, said that while working at a factory that produces plastic, his right hand got sucked into a machine.

He screamed for help, but when nobody came to his aid, he pulled his hand out of the machine by himself. As a result of the accident, Mariotti lost two fingers, and the skin was ripped off from his hands.

Mariotti was taken to the Santa Otilia Hospital, where doctors decided that in order to save his hand, they would need to bury it into the abdomen.

His hand must remain in the abdomen for about 42 days, to ensure that new tissue and tendon material is capable of receiving a skin graft.

Weekly check ups will monitor the progress of treatment. Even if the procedure is successful, Mariotti’s hand will suffer impaired function as he will not get all the movement back.

However, he will at least have a better quality of life compared to having an amputated hand.

Mariotti said that he is grateful because at least he will still be able to hold a fork, drive a car and will be able to dress himself without any help.