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U.K. man named Billy Wright finds U.S. man named Billy Wright who looks like his twin

By Mason White 3:57 AM April 4, 2016
Billy Wright and Billy Wright 

By: Chan Yuan
A man named Billy Wright of the United Kingdom, was surprised to a find a stranger who looks like his twin.

23-year-old Billy Martin Wright of Bournemouth, said that he was looking through Facebook profiles when he spotted 25-year-old Billy Winslow Wright of Athens, Pennsylvania.

Billy Martin Wright revealed that when his family and friends see pictures of Billy Winslow Wright, they cannot tell them apart.

However, their similarities end with their names and looks as Billy Martin Wright is one of seven siblings, is single and has no kids while Billy Winslow Wright is an only child, married and a stepfather of three children.

Another major difference is that Billy Martin Wright stands at 6 feet and 3 inches tall while Billy Winslow Wright is a full foot shorter so if they stand next to each other people can easily tell them apart.

A man who first met Billy Winslow Wright at a bar, said that he accidentally ran into Billy Martin Wright on Facebook because he looked the same, but he quickly realized his mistake since he was listed as living in the United Kingdom, and sent a friends request to Billy Winslow Wright.