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Young mother kills herself after being haunted by her decision to have an abortion

By Mason White 3:11 AM April 5, 2016
Jade Rees 

By: Feng Qian
A young mother of the United Kingdom, killed herself after being very distraught over her decision to have an abortion.

21-year-old Jade Rees had an abortion after her five-month relationship with the baby’s father was over and he began dating another woman.

The decision to go through with the abortion left her “upset and distressed.” She took her own life three weeks ago, a court heard.

Rees of Oldham, Manchester, left a handwritten note to her parents and her two-year-old son, in which she explained the struggles she went through since having the abortion. She also wrote how much she loved her young son.

Rees died while listening to Ed Sheeran’s song Small Bump, which is about a miscarried child and was written from the point of view of one of the composer’s close friends.

Rees became pregnant with her son when she was 18 years old. Although she separated from the child’s father when she was only four months pregnant, she handled it “exceptionally well,” the court heard.

She met her latest boyfriend in early 2015, but they split after she became pregnant with his child. She decided to terminate the pregnancy, but the decision haunted her, according to her suicide note.

She took an overdose of prescription and over-the-counter pills twice in 48 hours. On the second occasion, her father had to rush her to the Royal Oldham Hospital’s emergency room, where she remained for two days before being declared medically fit for discharge.

Days after she returned home, she took her life by hanging herself.

Assistant coroner Matthew Cox ruled the death as a suicide, saying: “Due to the circumstances and the contents of her note, I am satisfied that Jade did intend the consequence of her actions.”