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Airbnb lists room for rent inside shark tank

By Mason White 3:59 AM April 5, 2016
Room with the sharks 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) People who want to experience sleeping with the sharks, can now rent a room on Airbnb that allows them sleep in a room that was built inside a shark tank.

L’Aquarium de Paris in Paris, France, has listed the rental on Airbnb, but the offer is only available to three guests.

The guests will have the opportunity to stay in the underwater room, and the only thing that will separate them from the shark’s teeth would be a transparent glass wall.

Guests will also be invited on a VIP tour of the aquarium and get an exclusive behind the scenes glimpse in the world of sharks.

Fred Buyle, a diver and underwater photographer, will be your host for the evening. An intimate dinner in the tank will also be on the menu, and breakfast is available in the morning.

Guests will not be allowed to take photos as sharks are very sensitive to the camera’s flashing lights.

To enter the contest, you must be 18 years old all older, and will need to write a little about why you want to sleep with the sharks.

Winners will be selected on Saturday, and should be available to stay in the aquarium on the following Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Free round trip airfare will be made available to all winners.